Thursday, August 6, 2009

Juggling really big balls

I'm a juggler. I pick up a ball and throw it in the air. While it's up there spinning, I get bored, so I pick up another ball and throw it in the air too. I catch both balls a few times, almost get comfortable with the balls but pick up one more just to make it interesting. Eventually I have about 6 balls in the air, all different colors, wobbling out of control and then I start dropping them. One by one, everything I've been trying to keep in the air starts falling apart. How can you keep your eye on the ball when there are more balls than you can see at one time? Today, as I work at yet another ball (who starts a blog the day before closing on a new house?) I'm trying to figure out my compulsion to pile on more and more until I crack under the pressure. If I just took one or two projects and really focused on them, I would excel and succeed. By adding more than I can handle, I almost always fail at the majority of the projects in from of me - if not fail, then never flourish. However, if I don't push myself, then I completely quit altogether and wind up on the couch, watch reruns of Arrested Development and It's Always Sunny, and getting nothing done! 
Speaking of balls, it's time to put down the blog ball and pick up my clothing store ball - fall is in the air and it's back to school time.

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Fish Lady said...

when you learn how to juggle all those balls, can you teach me?