Monday, August 10, 2009

Princesses, Porcupines and Packing

After months of below normal temps and overcast, if not outright rainy days - summer finally arrives in full force - the week I have to move! We closed on a wonderful, awesome, huge, overwhelmingly huge, amazing house this past friday. If I say huge one more time, then you might get the magnitude of this place. It's a 150 year old house, with the old vet's office attached and a ton of basement area for JDub to build his boats. We'll be moving my children's consignment shop off Main Street and into the commercial space as soon as it's ready - I just got the word tonight that demo starts tomorrow! The downside to this whole endeavor is with JDub working on the coast all week and only home on weekends, the lion's share of the packing is falling to me. And I am beat! Good thing this is last move we're planning on making (finger's crossed). 

Two nights ago, we had a visitor - the porcupine that lives under our barn came out a bit earlier than usual and our dog took a swipe at him. Luckily for us, he's no dummy and only tapped the porcupine with his paw - I pulled all of the quills out fairly easily. This morning, Mr. C was slightly off, looking all mournful eyed at me and licking his mouth. I catch a glimpse of white and sure enough, the poor guy still had a quill in his tongue. After three tries (those buggers are slippery!) I pulled it out - I have never seen a dog look so grateful! He snuggled and licked and snuggled some more before diving into his (pain-free) breakfast. What a trooper!

Lastly, because buying new appliances isn't fun enough, I thought we'd throw a short visit to StoryLand into our busy Sunday. We didn't have long (god bless those season's passes!) and had to skip the carriage ride up to Cinderella's castle as the line was super long. When it was ED's (eldest daughter) turn, she walked right up to Cinderella and informed her that the carriages were running late and that she might want to fix that! Cinderella promised to get right on it and thanks for the info. I love that ED is not afraid to say what's on her mind, even to her favoritest princess. Of course, that can also be a curse but that is also for another day.

I realize this post is rambley and disjointed - it was either an update or nothing at all, and I really want to keep at this, tired or not. That glass of red wine is calling my name - and I am listening!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Juggling really big balls

I'm a juggler. I pick up a ball and throw it in the air. While it's up there spinning, I get bored, so I pick up another ball and throw it in the air too. I catch both balls a few times, almost get comfortable with the balls but pick up one more just to make it interesting. Eventually I have about 6 balls in the air, all different colors, wobbling out of control and then I start dropping them. One by one, everything I've been trying to keep in the air starts falling apart. How can you keep your eye on the ball when there are more balls than you can see at one time? Today, as I work at yet another ball (who starts a blog the day before closing on a new house?) I'm trying to figure out my compulsion to pile on more and more until I crack under the pressure. If I just took one or two projects and really focused on them, I would excel and succeed. By adding more than I can handle, I almost always fail at the majority of the projects in from of me - if not fail, then never flourish. However, if I don't push myself, then I completely quit altogether and wind up on the couch, watch reruns of Arrested Development and It's Always Sunny, and getting nothing done! 
Speaking of balls, it's time to put down the blog ball and pick up my clothing store ball - fall is in the air and it's back to school time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I woke up this morning a few minutes before my girls and in my half sleep, I realized I finally had it, the perfect post with which to start my blog. It was witty, insightful, deep and meaningful. With my very first post, I would impress and gain entry to the bloggy world. 

    I have been toying with starting a blog for a long time - I’ve been a reader for almost two years. But I don’t like putting myself out there, to be judged, to be seen. I only started commenting a few months ago, commenting and actually pushing the publish button, that is. I started reading blogs with my all time favorite Mom101 post, If you knew Mommy like I know Mommy. From there I quickly found my core favorites, Motherhood Uncensored, The Bloggess, Redneck Mommy, Whisky in My Sippy Cup. And the more I read these amazing women and their amazing writing, the more I felt this was something I could never do. I was funny, but only in person. I was shocking but only in context. I felt that who I am just wouldn’t translate into my writing.

    But I starting falling for the women, these writers. I started following people on twitter, only to always feel like the girl following after the cool kids in grade school. “Look at me! I know I don’t have a blog but I’m can be cool! I’m funny, I’m witty, I’m insightful! I just don’t have that one thing that holds you in a community. I don’t have a blog.”

    Looking back at what I just wrote, it seems like I am starting a blog to get in with the cool kids, to be yet another follower, to be noticed and liked. I am still searching for my me, the calm me, the confident me but the truth is, since moving back to the ski town I spent my 20’s in - I am regaining that confidence all on my own. I am/was a lift mechanic and built chair lifts all over North America and here, in this town, people know me and see me for who I am. I think I am taking this step to finally embrace who I am, that I am someone witty, and insightful and deep and meaningful.

    Oh and that post I thought of when I woke? That amazing post? Gone under the jumping 3 year olds crushing morning love. Yet somehow, I’m still starting. Today, I am shifting everything.

Hello out there - I’m finally here.